Sunday, December 9, 2012

Since you and everyone else wants to think im an asshole and a monster and that i dont care about you or the kid....then fine. I guess I'll be that asshole and make everyone right....I dont care about you .. or the kid.. I don't give 2 shits that you're pregnant and you can have full custody and stay the fuck out my life cause you have been and forever will be number 2 in my eyes. So fuck you and everything about you. I don't really feel this way about any of this....not even toward you...but it doesnt matter now does it? I have nothing ok. I don't have anything to lose.....and id rather have nothing and be miserable than to fight a fight ill never win. Cause it's easy to recognize my faults but no one ever recognizes their own. You have an army....I have only me....and I have done wrong to you and other people as well and I know I'm not innocent on anything, but I can't fucking stand those that can't admit that they're wrong too. Doesn't matter now anyway, everything and everyone I care for is's whatever now i guess.